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November 2010

Back in the U.S.S.R*: Stila Moscow travel palette

This is the 4th installment of Stila's Travel palette series.  This time Stila girl "Olivia" treks to Moscow.  Love the hat and fur-trimmed coat!


Here are the shades:


With flash:


Here's the quote.  Do you know who Miriam Beard was?  I didn't!


Here's the map.  You can't tell from my screenshot, but the little nesting dolls move so that the big one reveals two smaller ones.  That's some clever animation.  ;)

Russia map

I was reading some of her journal entries and two things struck me:  1.  Ewww, I didn't know Lenin's corpse was embalmed and on display!  Everytime I saw photos/footage of him in that glass box I thought it was a wax figure!!  Gross.  2.  The Tretyakov gallery sounds amazing.  You always hear about the Hermitage in St. Petersburg as being THE museum to see in Russia, but this one sounds really cool too.

Another cute little palette...only 1 left.  (Actually I just found out there is another travel palette at Sephora so I guess technically there are 2 left - Stila surprised us!)

*Yes, I'm aware there is no U.S.S.R. anymore...it's just a good song!  The Curator is a long-time Beatle-maniac.  :)

Curator's Corner, 11/27/10

Holiday+Starbucks+Cup Today's installment will be basically catching up since I've not been fulfilling my blogging duties of late.  Here are some things from the past month that have caught my attention.

- Adorable vintage French labels from The Dieline.

- Bacon-flavored latte syrup?  That's all well and good, but I think I'll stick to my beloved Starbucks holiday lattes (gingerbread, eggnog, caramel brulee and peppermint mocha.)

- I am just learning about this British TV comedy now, and it is hilarious! 

- If this is true, I need to start stockpiling chocolate right now.

- Speaking of chocolate, check out this delectable fashion show.

- Baltimore ranks #2 in Travel & Leisure's Least Attractive People category.  I knew there was a reason why I feel right at home here.  :P

- Finally, Oh So Beautiful Paper has started their holiday card round-ups.  These posts always make me want to buy and send hundreds of holiday cards, even though I only have a handful of people to send them to.

More Parisian goodness from Bourjois

Bourjois did it again.  That is, the company collaborated with another Parisian artist to create a limited edition set of blushes.  I'm not sure if I like these as much as the ones by Nathalie Lété, but they are tres cute!


According to the packaging insert, the artist is Juliette Buré.  A Google search didn't turn up much besides her Facebook page, which is very disappointing considering that I wanted to see how these designs compare to her other work.  Equally disappointing is that I'm missing one of the blushes, as Asos.com was out of stock on one of them.  Fortunately it came back in so I will post when it arrives. 

New (old) Stila paint cans

A very nice swapper from Makeup Alley was selling some of her collection of Stila paint cans back in the summer.  Why I don't know (the deaccessioning of collector's items always makes me sad!) but I took the opportunity to invest in some rare finds. 

First, this lovely summer-themed can.  I love that it's yellow, not to mention the fact that the Stila girl has a generous sprinkling of freckles.  Too cute.



A can for a department store in Taiwan:



And a can for the 2002 Bohemian Beauty collection:



I could easily have bought the others that were up for sale, but figured I had to limit myself since curating doesn't make much money.  ;) 

Couture Monday: YSL Rock n Baroque

FALL_PALETTE_LRG I'm still trying to figure out the design on this palette.  From the website:  "YSL's New Limited Edition Palette for Complexion is inspired by YSL Fashion. This season's star is embellished with a detail of passementerie engraved on the emblematic YSL compact in contrasting matte and shiny gold. This powder in interlacing barely-there shades will give you sinful radiance."  Hmm, to my eye it looks like a big squiggly blob.  I must admit I didn't know exactly what passementerie was, but a quick Google search revealed that it is type of trimming, most often in gold or silver cord or silk and used in a range of fashion items (prominent, oddly enough, in military uniforms.)  While it does look like the examples I found, I still say overall it's not a very interesting design - the company could have done a lot more with a fashion detail that has such a rich history.  I don't think YSL is especially known for passementerie details either, so this seems pretty uninspired.  I will save Museum funds for something better!

(image from yslbeautyus.com)