Curator's Corner, 11/27/10
Quick post: Counting down the days with makeup

Back in the U.S.S.R*: Stila Moscow travel palette

This is the 4th installment of Stila's Travel palette series.  This time Stila girl "Olivia" treks to Moscow.  Love the hat and fur-trimmed coat!


Here are the shades:


With flash:


Here's the quote.  Do you know who Miriam Beard was?  I didn't!


Here's the map.  You can't tell from my screenshot, but the little nesting dolls move so that the big one reveals two smaller ones.  That's some clever animation.  ;)

Russia map

I was reading some of her journal entries and two things struck me:  1.  Ewww, I didn't know Lenin's corpse was embalmed and on display!  Everytime I saw photos/footage of him in that glass box I thought it was a wax figure!!  Gross.  2.  The Tretyakov gallery sounds amazing.  You always hear about the Hermitage in St. Petersburg as being THE museum to see in Russia, but this one sounds really cool too.

Another cute little palette...only 1 left.  (Actually I just found out there is another travel palette at Sephora so I guess technically there are 2 left - Stila surprised us!)

*Yes, I'm aware there is no U.S.S.R.'s just a good song!  The Curator is a long-time Beatle-maniac.  :)

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