Curator's Corner, 10/9/2010
Urban Decay goes to the Big Apple

Couture Monday: Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian Lace palette

I was excited for this bronzer ever since I first spotted it months ago at Britishbeautyblogger.  It finally arrived for Dolce & Gabbana's fall collection at Saks.


With flash:


Now it's time to play one of the Curator's favorite games:  seeing if the makeup corresponds to the designer's fashion for the season.  In this case, it definitely does.  Lace was all over the runway for D & G's fall 2010 collection.  (all following images from

Dg 1

Dg 2

In addition to all lace frocks, the designers put it on as an overlay in some pieces:

Dg 4

And even shoes!


So a lace theme was definitely a good choice for their fall makeup collection, as it's reflected in their clothes.  Now, if we can get even more specific, let's see if the lace on the palette is the same pattern as that on the clothes.  I think these two are very similar to the bronzer:

Dg 3

Or possibly this one?


Even if there is not an exact match between the lace pattern on the clothing and the bronzer, this is way better than most of the other high-end fashion designers' makeup items that don't correspond at all to what they did on the runways. Let's hope D & G keeps it up.

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