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October 2010

Curator's corner: BOO!

Jersey-shore-halloween-costumes-main Well, it's Halloween weekend!  I am sad because this is the time that it normally starts to turn from fall (pleasantly brisk) to winter (deathly cold.)  That aside, I do enjoy Halloween and the abundance of candy.  Here are some Halloween-related links that caught my eye.

- This is my kind of costume.

- These, not so much.

- More Snooki Halloween madness.

- A nice little Halloween playlist courtesy of Bitch magazine.

And some non-Halloween related links, just because.  :)

- Love the makeover this cabinet got.

- I approve of our state's official movie.

Happy Halloween!


(image from thefrisky.com)

Friday fun: MAC Venemous Villains

This is not the first time MAC has teamed up with Disney, but the Venemous Villains collection is far more vast than 2005's Tint Toons.  I liked that there was actually a tidbit of info about the design and colors.  From Nitrolicious:  “'Disney gave us the colors used when these characters were drawn throughout their history,' said Jennifer Balbier, vice president of product development for MAC, noting that Cruella and the Evil Queen share more “real woman” shades, such as red lips and peachy blush. Maleficent is 'pure fantasy,' said Balbier, noting that offbeat purples, blackened shades and pearlized nails were used."  It's great that MAC was able to use the same colors used for the characters.  There's also a video about the collection's inspiration, courtesy of Temptalia.

I'll start with the Evil Queen from Snow White. 

Bite of an Apple blush (I didn't take any pictures of the items opened - there are tons elsewhere and I'm lazy.  :P)


Oh So Fair powder:


Hot House lip gloss:


Sinister lipstick:


Here are some things from the Malificent collection.  (Funny side note - my mother told me that when I was little I was absolutely petrified of Malificent - something about those horns scared the bejesus out of me.  I don't remember this but it seems plausible.)

Briar Rose powder...I'm bummed mine has a big old scratch smack dab in the middle.  I'm a collector, MAC, my items need to be in pristine condition!  Meh.


She Who Dares eye shadow:


Dark Deed lipstick and Wrong Spell lip gloss:



Finally, some Cruella items.  I didn't get anything with Dr. Facilier, since I was mad at MAC for including him.  He's not a "classic" villain and we all know Ursula from The Little Mermaid would have made a much better character for this collection!

Darkly My Dear blush:


Her Own Devices beauty powder:


De-Vil eye shadow, Wicked Ways lip gloss, and Heartless lipstick:


Personally, I think it would have been interesting to have the sketches appear on the products themselves than the outer packaging.



Overall, a nice collection but a bit predicatable and literal.  Something more abstract (like the sketches) may have elevated this to a more sophisticated collection, but still fun and Disney-based.

More Paris makeup from Lancome

French touch lipstick I spotted this in the Saks fall catalogue and was immediately intrigued by the elegant silver packaging.  Here's the description from the Bergdorf site:  "In celebration of its 75th anniversary, Lancome is introducing French Touch Mini Rouge Lipstick, a limited edition collector's item that harks to Lancome's glamorous past. In a nod to Lancome's founder Armand Petitjean's vision of jewel-like lipstick holders, French Touch is encased in a mini silver package etched with a pattern reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower. The original inspiration was a similarly etched lipstick from the Versailles collection of 1949, originally created in Lancome's jewelry workshop."   I managed to track down a picture of the original lipstick (right). Lancome_vintage.lipstick

I think the new one is more Eiffel-looking, with the pattern stretching ever more vertically - I like that it's not literally in the shape of the tower.  Yes, $40 is steep for a lipstick, but the packaging truly is a stunning piece of modern design.  Might need to get this to add to the French-themed exhibition I'm thinking of doing.  ;)

(images from bergdorfgoodman.com and prodimargues.com)

Couture Monday: raising the (Tailleur) bar

Oh boy, I had been waiting to get my hands on this Dior palette for months.  At first I was disappointed that it didn't seem to be available in the U.S., but low and behold Neiman Marcus had it during their beauty week in September.  I was on my honeymoon at the time but still managed to get my grubby little paws on it when I returned - the first Neiman Marcus I called still, miraculously, had one left in stock!  Now, of course, it's up at the Neiman Marcus site.  Oh well. 

First, the fancy pebbled box:


The inside:


Here's the booklet explaining the design. 


And the palette itself, in natural light and with flash.  The design comes from a sketch (seen on the front of the booklet) by Rene Gruau.  Here's the whole story, from the booklet:  "February 12, 1947:  Christian Dior presents his first Haute Couture collection.  The public is amazed:  this new vision of an elegant woman, with accentuated curves and a regal posture would come to be a revolution that took the fashion world by storm.  Instantly named the 'New Look' by Carmel Snow, Editor-in-Chief of American Harper's Bazaar, the 'Tailleur Bar' (Bar Suit), perfectly embodied this new silhouette.  The jacket, with its nipped-in waist, and the twirling skirt became the absolute symbol of the Dior silhouette.  Rene Gruau, long-time associate of the Couturier, immortalized the famous Bar Suit in a sketch that captured Monsieur Dior's genius in a few cleve strokes  This legendary image is now embossed on a new Dior limited edition eyeshadow palette."



Here are a couple of images to get a sense of the what the actual clothes looked like:

(image from customfad.com)

(image from metmuseum.org)

Oh, and if you're interested, the lip serum, in natural light and with flash:


The shape of the lip serum, I must say, is a bit odd.  When I first opened the set my husband asked why the palette came with a mini flashlight.  Ha!  It does indeed resemble that.  Anyway, I feel like Dior did a great job with this.  Between numbering each set and making a palette out of a sketch of one of Dior's iconic looks, the company created a true collector's piece.

Curator's Corner, 10/16/2010

Punkin ice cream Still loving fall tremendously!  Doing all kinds of fall stuff this weekend...have to enjoy it now before it turns into horrible cold dark winter. 

- One of my activities will be visiting the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  Haven't gone in years so it should be fun.

- Another will be baking pumpkin muffins (I want to try out more recipes for these!) and making pumpkin ice cream.  And picking up some pumpkin ravioli at the farmer's market.  Hopefully I won't turn into a pumpkin from eating all this!

- And another fall-related food activity will be eating delicious honeycrisp apples.

Here are some non-fall things that caught my eye this week:

- A first glimpse at the MAC/Marcel Wanders collaboration's futuristic packaging.

- More fancy packaging from Jason Wu's collaboration with Supreme Aupres.

- Must visit the new NARS boutique next time I'm in NYC!   I hope it doesn't ever close (like Shu's did - still mourning that!)

- Loved looking at these vintage makeup ads at Makeup4All.

- The Muse shares one of Philosophy's newest additions to their 3 in 1s - Hot Buttered Rum, anyone?

(image from davidlebovitz.com)

MM Fall 2010 exhibition

I finally managed to install the fall 2010 exhibition.  It's a little all over the place, much like this fall's releases.  But I think I still captured the essence of fall.  :)  Sorry these are blur-tastic, the daylight was fading quickly but I was determined to take pictures anyway!

Main exhibition:


Here are some details.

Stila fall 2005 booklet, Paul & Joe fall 2010 eye shadow, YSL Opium palette:


MAC She Who Dares eye shadow, I Love Sephora button (got it as a freebie over the summer!), YSL Fauve palette:


MAC Nocturnelle postcard, one of the Shu Florescent palettes:



Paul & Joe fall 2010 lipstick, Shu Instinct postcard, MAC Wicked Ways lip gloss:


Stila fall 2000 paint can and MAC Sinister lipstick (and a Smorkin' Labbit):

Paul & Joe spring 2008 eye shadow, another Sephora button, Chantecaille Bengali Tiger bronzer:


Dior Impression Cuir palette, Stila Nordstrom September palette, and poor little Maurice - apparently he's very disgruntled!


Auxilliary exhibition in the hallway:



And the other auxilliary exhibition:


Some details.

Benefit Scene Queen palette and Paul & Joe Fall 2010 lipstick (and an argyle Domo!):


Shu Florescent palette, Stila Passage to Paris trio, and Paul & Joe spring 2008 eye shadow (I realize I've used 2 Paul & Joe spring 2008 shadows, which is odd for a fall show, but they had cats on them and cats are huge this season!)


Stila Pretty in Paris palette, Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian Lace bronzer:


MAC Cult of Cherry postcard, Chantecaille Bengali Tiger powder:


MAC Untamed postcard, Stila Bohemian Beauty paint can, MAC Hot House lip gloss:


I hope you enjoyed it!

Urban Decay goes to the Big Apple

Urban Decay released its third Book of Shadows, this time devoted to New York City.  Like the Alice in Wonderland palette, it's a pop-up, but it also lights up.






Here are the shadows:


 With flash:


Overall I think the artwork and lights captured the hustle and bustle, not to mention the hipness and sophistication of the Big Apple, but I wish the company released more details as to who made the illustrations, and why they decided to do a palette dedicated to NYC now. 

Couture Monday: Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian Lace palette

I was excited for this bronzer ever since I first spotted it months ago at Britishbeautyblogger.  It finally arrived for Dolce & Gabbana's fall collection at Saks.


With flash:


Now it's time to play one of the Curator's favorite games:  seeing if the makeup corresponds to the designer's fashion for the season.  In this case, it definitely does.  Lace was all over the runway for D & G's fall 2010 collection.  (all following images from style.com)

Dg 1

Dg 2

In addition to all lace frocks, the designers put it on as an overlay in some pieces:

Dg 4

And even shoes!


So a lace theme was definitely a good choice for their fall makeup collection, as it's reflected in their clothes.  Now, if we can get even more specific, let's see if the lace on the palette is the same pattern as that on the clothes.  I think these two are very similar to the bronzer:

Dg 3

Or possibly this one?


Even if there is not an exact match between the lace pattern on the clothing and the bronzer, this is way better than most of the other high-end fashion designers' makeup items that don't correspond at all to what they did on the runways. Let's hope D & G keeps it up.

Curator's Corner, 10/9/2010

Tdf_tt_alloallo_480x760_300x300 Aaah, I've been enjoying the crisp fall weather we've been  having.  I've put my summer clothes away and broke out my boots and sweaters, and I'm all set for cooler weather!

- LUSH's Christmas lineup is at their website!  I desperately need the Bearded Lady and Gingerbread House bubble bars.

- I've been seeing these awesome mohawk shoes in all the magazines...if only I had an extra $1,000 or so sitting around, I'd get them. 

- Corin Tucker's new solo album came out on Tuesday.  Can't wait to get my paws on it.

- In other former S-K member news, sadly, Carrie Brownstein has quit her NPR blog Monitor Mix.  The silver lining is that she's in a new band with former S-K drummer Janet Weiss.  Very exciting indeed!

- Also exciting:  did you know it's National Pizza Month?  I will definitely be celebrating my favorite food.

- Finally, I want these super adorable tea towels.

What have you been enjoying this week?


(image from designspongeonline.com)