MM Fall 2010 exhibition
Couture Monday: raising the (Tailleur) bar

Curator's Corner, 10/16/2010

Punkin ice cream Still loving fall tremendously!  Doing all kinds of fall stuff this weekend...have to enjoy it now before it turns into horrible cold dark winter. 

- One of my activities will be visiting the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  Haven't gone in years so it should be fun.

- Another will be baking pumpkin muffins (I want to try out more recipes for these!) and making pumpkin ice cream.  And picking up some pumpkin ravioli at the farmer's market.  Hopefully I won't turn into a pumpkin from eating all this!

- And another fall-related food activity will be eating delicious honeycrisp apples.

Here are some non-fall things that caught my eye this week:

- A first glimpse at the MAC/Marcel Wanders collaboration's futuristic packaging.

- More fancy packaging from Jason Wu's collaboration with Supreme Aupres.

- Must visit the new NARS boutique next time I'm in NYC!   I hope it doesn't ever close (like Shu's did - still mourning that!)

- Loved looking at these vintage makeup ads at Makeup4All.

- The Muse shares one of Philosophy's newest additions to their 3 in 1s - Hot Buttered Rum, anyone?

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