Curator's Corner, 10/16/2010
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Couture Monday: raising the (Tailleur) bar

Oh boy, I had been waiting to get my hands on this Dior palette for months.  At first I was disappointed that it didn't seem to be available in the U.S., but low and behold Neiman Marcus had it during their beauty week in September.  I was on my honeymoon at the time but still managed to get my grubby little paws on it when I returned - the first Neiman Marcus I called still, miraculously, had one left in stock!  Now, of course, it's up at the Neiman Marcus site.  Oh well. 

First, the fancy pebbled box:


The inside:


Here's the booklet explaining the design. 


And the palette itself, in natural light and with flash.  The design comes from a sketch (seen on the front of the booklet) by Rene Gruau.  Here's the whole story, from the booklet:  "February 12, 1947:  Christian Dior presents his first Haute Couture collection.  The public is amazed:  this new vision of an elegant woman, with accentuated curves and a regal posture would come to be a revolution that took the fashion world by storm.  Instantly named the 'New Look' by Carmel Snow, Editor-in-Chief of American Harper's Bazaar, the 'Tailleur Bar' (Bar Suit), perfectly embodied this new silhouette.  The jacket, with its nipped-in waist, and the twirling skirt became the absolute symbol of the Dior silhouette.  Rene Gruau, long-time associate of the Couturier, immortalized the famous Bar Suit in a sketch that captured Monsieur Dior's genius in a few cleve strokes  This legendary image is now embossed on a new Dior limited edition eyeshadow palette."



Here are a couple of images to get a sense of the what the actual clothes looked like:

(image from

(image from

Oh, and if you're interested, the lip serum, in natural light and with flash:


The shape of the lip serum, I must say, is a bit odd.  When I first opened the set my husband asked why the palette came with a mini flashlight.  Ha!  It does indeed resemble that.  Anyway, I feel like Dior did a great job with this.  Between numbering each set and making a palette out of a sketch of one of Dior's iconic looks, the company created a true collector's piece.

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