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Curator's corner: catching up

Stila and the City of Light

In honor of my recent trip to Paree, I thought I'd post about Stila's 2nd travel palette in their 5-part series.   I really loved the journal by Stila girl "Chelsea".  She talks about the rose-flavored macarons at Ladurée (they seriously became like my crack in Paris - I came back to Ladurée twice to get more after my initial visit!) and the Cafe Marly at the Louvre, where we enjoyed a beautiful view of the glass pyramid on our last night in Paris.

Paris screen shot

Now on to the palette itself.  Here's the outside (forgive the blurriness, for the life of me I couldn't get a good clear picture!)  I love that she's wearing a striped top - they were everywhere in Paris.  If she had a little neutral-colored scarf tied loosely around her neck she'd look just like all the chic Parisian women I saw!

Paris outside

The inside, with and without flash:

Paris inside flash

Paris inside

The quote:

Paris quote

In looking at this palette I remembered Stila did another travel series ages ago, in trio form.  Here's Pretty in Paris next to Passage to Paris:

Paris comparison

In terms of Paris represented or hinted at in makeup packaging, I think Nathalie Lété's work for Bourjois is still my favorite, but this palette is adorable too.  Next destination for Stila:  Tokyo!

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