Cat's cradle: Paul & Joe fall 2010 lipsticks
Curator's corner, 10/2/10

Paul & Joe fall, part 2

For fall 2010 Paul & Joe not only introduced some kooky cat-shaped lipsticks, but brought on 4-color rectangular eye shadows instead of  their usual round shadows with just 2 colors.   Overall, I think this is one of the more inspired themes in recent collections.  "Clair de Lune celebrates and honours the Paul & Joe woman.  She is unique, her tastes are capricious and unpredictable.  She is constantly evolving.  Like the ever-changing moon, her luminous beauty fascinates, inspiring poetry and song with her distinctive radiance and irresistible allure."  I really like this idea of a woman changing her tastes or appearance just as the moon changes phases.  And you can sort of see the moon inspiration in the curved slivers of eyeshadow, almost like the moon's waxing and waning.

 Here's Silvery Moon:


In natural light:


With flash:


Paper Moon (I think this one is my favorite!):

With flash:


 The print was taken from this dress, also available in black.

Paul joe swan top 2010
(image from

Finally, Blue Moon:


 In natural light:


With flash:


This print also appeared on a dress:

Roxane pattern
(image from

And because I spent over a certain amount on the collection, gave me a free kitty mirror!  I like that the mirror is off-center since it mimics the moon:


All in all, a very nice collection from Paul & Joe - I liked that the theme carried through each of the limited-edition pieces without being overly literal, and that we were treated to not one but two prints from the fashion collection.

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