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MM update!

Hello?  If anyone's still following along, you may have been wondering where I've been all summer.  The answer:  wedding land.  I got sucked into planning nonstop, and when I did have spare time I couldn't think clearly enough to write a coherent post.   Here's what I was up to and why the Makeup Museum has been so neglected.

Going for 3 dress fittings - the store was over an hour away so every visit took a good chunk of time:


Picking up said dress and veil:

Photo 1

Making welcome baskets and favors:

Boxes bags army 

Then before I knew it, the wedding day arrived!  Museum staff donned their finest outfits:

Babos wedding finest

We went off to get hitched:

H and g walking

And ate lots of cake:

Cake gone

Then set off to Paris for part 1 of our honeymoon...

Balcony view eiffel

H winged victory 2

Hillary sephora

...I gained 3 pounds from consuming delicious treats like hot chocolate, souffles, and macarons:

Angelinas choc


Macaron tower

And then we went off to Amsterdam for the second part of the honeymoon...


I gained another 3 pounds:

Fries.with mayo

Rice table

Now I'm finally back and slowly getting reacquainted with the old routine (and trying to lose the weight I packed on!), while also writing thank-you notes:

Thank you

So there you have it.  I will be catching up on some summer items as well as fall releases that occurred during my hiatus.  Stay tuned!

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