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Curator's corner: catching up

I feel like I need more time off just to catch up on everything!  Here's a roundup of totally random things I wanted to mention.

- Breaking beauty news:  Bobbi Brown is now at Sephora online, and should be hitting stores within the next few months.  Also, the Curator's favorite hair care line, Bumble and Bumble, is now at select Sephora stores.  Let's hope they bring it online soon!

- Say hello to my new favorite store, Zadig and Voltaire.  I stumbled across it in Paris.  After spotting lots of skulls, studs and black in the window (my biggest fashion weaknesses) I went in and promptly bought roughly half the store.  Too bad they only have 3 locations in the U.S. (2 in NYC and one in LA) and the online store isn't too well-stocked, but I guess that's better for my wallet.

- My latest indulgence is the mani/pedi at the Red Door Spa.  My very nice mother-in-law treated me to this the day before the wedding, and I'm hooked!  I never got manis/pedis before (too afraid of infection or getting a fungus - I heard that even the "upscale" and "clean" spas still were dirty, plus I am uneasy with strangers touching me) but I couldn't turn down such a lovely gift.  So far so good - no fungus to speak of.  And my nails have never looked better!

- Anyone else watching Jersey Shore?  I can't get truly is like a train wreck.  You just can't turn away.

- Finally, I wanted to mention the Museum of Bags and Purses that I visited in Amsterdam.  This was so cool and gives me hope that I will have a real makeup museum.  Some pics:

Art deco bag

Purse museum cut out

Chanel bags

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