Quick post: Vogue lip balms at Sephora
Mad for plaid: new Burberry makeup line

Curator's corner: Happy 4th!

I was going to devote this installment of the Curator's Corner to all great things American, but was too lazy so I just decided to do my usual round-up of things that caught my eye this week.  Sorry U.S.A.!  But here's a nice picture of fireworks.

(image from weblogs.baltimoresun.com)

And now for some links:

- Really, there's an entire museum devoted to manhole covers?!  Who knew?

- BellaSugar rounds up a brief history of lipstick.

- Now this is a diet I could get behind.  Add some chocolate and I'll be all set.

- Looks like Pee Wee Herman is going to make a movie comeback!

Happy Independence Day!

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