Curator's Corner, 6/26/10
Quick post: Vogue lip balms at Sephora

Stila gets on the Road to Radiance

The Curator was ever so excited to see an email from Stila about their new series of travel-inspired palettes, since it meant more Stila girls to add to the collection.  There will be five in all and the first one celebrates a road trip across the good old U.S.A.  

Rtor outer

Here's the inside, in natural light and with flash:

R to r inner flash

The blush got washed out in the flash, so here's a slightly better pic:

  R to r blush flash

I was thrilled to see they had brought back nice little sayings!  Old-timers like me remember when Stila's cardboard eye shadow and blush packaging had a variety of inspirational quotes from such female luminaries as Jane Austen and Joan of Arc (note to self: try to gather a list of all quotes and the products they appeared on.)  This one is a proverb rather than a quote from someone famous, but I was really happy to see it back on the packaging.  Here's a close-up.


I think what I like most about this palette is that the Stila girl is not anonymous - she has a name (Kylie) and the web site included a travel journal that included little snippets of her adventures across the country.
Kylie trip journal
The writing is a bit stilted and formulaic, but I liked that there was an entry for each stop (and very pleased to see Kylie made it to Ben's Chili Bowl while in D.C. - their chili dogs are heavenly!)

I think the company really did an excellent job with this - the colors are beautiful and wearable, and there was actually a lot of thought going into the concept. 

Stay tuned for the next installment in the series, Pretty in Paris. 

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