Curator's corner, 5/22/2010
Beachy keen: a very summery MAC collection

Couture Monday: bridal edition

Between following various beauty and wedding blogs, I came across a picture of this lovely Stila palette back in the fall. Stila did the makeup for couture bridal designer Claire Pettibone's fall runway show and they were going to release a palette you could use to recreate the looks this spring.  I waited and waited but it didn't come out.  I ended up emailing Stila in late March asking when it would be released, and just last week (finally!) I got this seemingly hastily typed response: "sorry there was press about this product before we officially decided to produce it. the eye shadow trios are a great option for weddings as is convertible color!"

(image from

How disappointing!  Even if I wasn't getting married soon I'd still buy this palette hook, line and sinker - Stila did a wonderful job illustrating a dreamy Claire Pettibone dress.  For those of you unfamiliar with this bridal designer, here are some of her gowns.  She started out as a lingerie designer, and the romantic delicacy and extensive use of lace details in her designs reflect that.




I think this one (the "Cloisonne") looks most like the one the Stila girl is wearing:


(images from

I'm pretty bummed this didn't actually go into production, but I have been assured by Stila that there will be other Stila girl palettes to collect.  ;)

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