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June 2010

Stila gets on the Road to Radiance

The Curator was ever so excited to see an email from Stila about their new series of travel-inspired palettes, since it meant more Stila girls to add to the collection.  There will be five in all and the first one celebrates a road trip across the good old U.S.A.  

Rtor outer

Here's the inside, in natural light and with flash:

R to r inner flash

The blush got washed out in the flash, so here's a slightly better pic:

  R to r blush flash

I was thrilled to see they had brought back nice little sayings!  Old-timers like me remember when Stila's cardboard eye shadow and blush packaging had a variety of inspirational quotes from such female luminaries as Jane Austen and Joan of Arc (note to self: try to gather a list of all quotes and the products they appeared on.)  This one is a proverb rather than a quote from someone famous, but I was really happy to see it back on the packaging.  Here's a close-up.


I think what I like most about this palette is that the Stila girl is not anonymous - she has a name (Kylie) and the web site included a travel journal that included little snippets of her adventures across the country.
Kylie trip journal
The writing is a bit stilted and formulaic, but I liked that there was an entry for each stop (and very pleased to see Kylie made it to Ben's Chili Bowl while in D.C. - their chili dogs are heavenly!)

I think the company really did an excellent job with this - the colors are beautiful and wearable, and there was actually a lot of thought going into the concept. 

Stay tuned for the next installment in the series, Pretty in Paris. 

Curator's Corner, 6/26/10

Suz1I have been so busy!  I was so hoping my little museum would not be neglected, but with my wedding 8 weeks away (yikes!) and taking on additional duties at work, things have been quite hectic.  Anyway, here's what I was liking this week.

- I'm still enjoying the warm weather and sunshine, but that doesn't stop me from wanting these lovely flannel Louboutin pumps.  So perfect for fall.

- Now Smell This talks about a perfume exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art.  See, we have perfume exhibitions, now we just need makeup ones.

- City Life Eats shares a delicious recipe  for adzuki beans, mango and spinach.  Yum!

- My husband-to-be alerted me to this group exercise-meets-performance-art event at the Maryland Art Place.  Too bad I wasn't able to go, but it looks like fun.  Everybody Suz-ercise!

- BellaSugar takes a look at the history of mascara.

- Cool-looking exhibit on female pop artists at the Brooklyn Museum.  

(image from mdartplace.org)

Truly outrageous: Gem Glam from Shu

The second I heard "Gem Glam" I immediately thought of the '80s cartoon Jem (yes, I'm showing my age.)  What's really funny is that it Jem was in a band, Jem and the Holograms, and the diamond shapes are slightly holographic.   


All silly '80s nostalgia aside, here is the powder itself, in natural light and with flash:


Maybe it's just me, but the pattern, with its tidy geometric division of bright colors, seem to give off a Frank Stella-ish vibe.  I was fortunate enough to see some of his work when I visited Philip Johnson's Glass House and his nearby painting gallery, and this palette really reminds me of his paintings.

Harran II, 1967:

(image from guggenheim.org)

Hyena Stomp, 1962:

(image from tate.org.uk) 

Sabra, 1967:

(image from lasvegas-nv.com) 

Flin Flon, 1970:

(image from cs.nga.gov.au)

The issue I have with this palette from a design perspective is that the exterior doesn't really go with the interior.  The outside diamonds look like shiny children's stickers, while the inside is more high art.  It's an odd juxtaposition and I'm not sure it all comes together.  Plus this palette was released for summer and it doesn't seem all that summery to me save for the vibrance of the colors.  Still, I do admire the company for at least trying to come up with a compelling design, both inside and out.  Can't wait to see what Shu has on tap for fall! 

MM summer 2010 exhibition

One of my very favorite days of the year, the summer solstice, was yesterday so in honor of that here is the Makeup Museum's summer 2010 exhibition. :) 

Main exhibit:


You can't see it too well, but here is the Guerlain Paradise eye shadow palette from last year (along with the Stila Nordstrom Look of the Month July palette):

  Guerlain stila

   Lm stila

 More details:

Benefit chante

Tf mac ls
Stila tokidoki

  Mac chante

  Stila shu

Auxiliary hallway exhibit, top and bottom shelves:

Top shelf

Bottom shelf

Auxiliary exhibit in the home office:


Some details. 

Stila chante

Ysl mac

Tf mac
Stila mac lm

Lancome stila

 I hope you liked it!

Curator's corner: summer ready!

ImagesThe official start of summer was Memorial Day, but that's not stopping me from sharing some of my favorite warm-weather stuff now. Enjoy!

- In addition to being a makeup junkie I have a bad shoe habit.  My ultimate summer shoes are espadrilles like these - strappy, plain, closed-toe, open-toe, I don't care, I'll take 'em all!

- One of the things I look forward to when the temperature rises is wearing all my beloved summer scents:  L'Artisan Ananas Fizz, Bobbi Brown Beach, Dior Escale a Portofino, Escada Tropical Punch (this, sadly, was limited edition and no longer available - I'm hoarding my extra bottle) and Wylde Ivy Coconut Island Castaway.  

- In terms of makeup, some of my summer must-haves include Benefit Hoola bronzer, Nars Torrid blush, and Clarins Delicious Self-Tanning cream.

- There's nothing I love more on a hot summer day than Rita's Water Ice.  Mmm!

- Finally, I pretty much live for all the daylight we get in the summer months - it's an excellent mood booster.  Can't wait for the solstice!

What are some your favorite summery things?

(image from phillyimc.org)

Tracing a cosmetic lineage: Lancôme Blason palette

Once I saw this at Rouge Deluxe I knew I had to have it!  I believe it is Asia-exclusive.  Why Lancôme refuses to release such interesting items in the U.S. (see my post on the Yayoi Kusama Juicy Tubes) is beyond me, but I'm glad I was able to get my hands on this.  The palette was released in honor of Lancôme's 75th birthday.  (Actually there are two of them - this one is the Pink Rose; there is another with peachy shades.)


I was very curious as to what the coat of arms represented, as the concept of a makeup brand having a coat of arms, like that of a distinguished family with a long lineage, was quite intriguing.  A quick Google search revealed that the founder of Lancôme, Armand Petitjean, came up with the design back in 1935 to commemorate the birth of the brand.  They  feature the "Lancôme Rose, Cherub and Lotus, representing the Lancôme art of perfumery, makeup and skincare respectively."  How cool (and so European!) is that?  Here's a pic of the original crest.

(image from prodimarques.com)

I had no idea until now that, for Lancôme anyway, the rose stood for perfume and the cherub represented makeup - I just thought they used that imagery because it was feminine and slapped it on a lot of their products, with no real meaning behind them.  I must say I'm a bit disappointed Lancôme hadn't made use of the crest until their 75th birthday, because it's interesting and makes the brand stand out from others.  I wish other makeup companies had crests!

Curator's Corner, 6/12/2010

2009honHere is a roundup of interesting things that caught my eye this week, along with a local event.  :)  Enjoy!

- I'm curious about this new show on Bravo but I doubt it'll be as popular as Project Runway.  

- Where can I get a copy of this new Le Tigre tour DVD?!! 

- Truly amazing:  makeup artist Rick DiCecca applied lipsticks on no fewer than 303 women in an hour, smashing the previous record of 180.

- Look, it's the world's oldest shoe!  I must admit I thought it was a potato at first. LOL.

Lipglossiping brings us manicures in honor of the World Cup.

- I've marked my calendar for October 5, the day Corin Tucker's solo album is released.

HonFest is today!

(image from honfest.net)

Beachy keen: a very summery MAC collection

I had been anxiously awaiting MAC's To the Beach collection for months and was so excited to finally buy it.  I think these pieces will really add to the Museum's summer exhibitions.  Now for some pics!

Golden bronzer:


In natural light and with flash:


Hipness blush and Humid eye shadow:


Hipness humid

Beachbound lipstick and Splashing lip glass:

Beachbound splashing

Flurry of Fun lip glass, the only item I intend on using from the collection:

Flurry of fun

In terms of collectibles there was also a tote bag but I thought $50 was a bit steep for a canvas bag, sturdy though it may be, so I passed on it.

(image from maccosmetics.com)

And here's the biggie from the collection, the one that sold out immediately from MAC's and Nordstrom's sites as well as pretty much everywhere else, Marine Life:


It was sold out entirely everywhere near me so I had to once again dispatch my mother to pick it up for me at her local counter, as she did with the Lancome Coral Flirt blush.  Thanks Mom!

So what do you think of this collection?  While the illustrations were simple, I thought they perfectly captured a fun sunny day at the beach.  :)

Couture Monday: bridal edition

Between following various beauty and wedding blogs, I came across a picture of this lovely Stila palette back in the fall. Stila did the makeup for couture bridal designer Claire Pettibone's fall runway show and they were going to release a palette you could use to recreate the looks this spring.  I waited and waited but it didn't come out.  I ended up emailing Stila in late March asking when it would be released, and just last week (finally!) I got this seemingly hastily typed response: "sorry there was press about this product before we officially decided to produce it. the eye shadow trios are a great option for weddings as is convertible color!"

(image from weddingstyle.com)

How disappointing!  Even if I wasn't getting married soon I'd still buy this palette hook, line and sinker - Stila did a wonderful job illustrating a dreamy Claire Pettibone dress.  For those of you unfamiliar with this bridal designer, here are some of her gowns.  She started out as a lingerie designer, and the romantic delicacy and extensive use of lace details in her designs reflect that.




I think this one (the "Cloisonne") looks most like the one the Stila girl is wearing:


(images from clairepettibone.com)

I'm pretty bummed this didn't actually go into production, but I have been assured by Stila that there will be other Stila girl palettes to collect.  ;)