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Curator's Corner, 6/12/2010

2009honHere is a roundup of interesting things that caught my eye this week, along with a local event.  :)  Enjoy!

- I'm curious about this new show on Bravo but I doubt it'll be as popular as Project Runway.  

- Where can I get a copy of this new Le Tigre tour DVD?!! 

- Truly amazing:  makeup artist Rick DiCecca applied lipsticks on no fewer than 303 women in an hour, smashing the previous record of 180.

- Look, it's the world's oldest shoe!  I must admit I thought it was a potato at first. LOL.

Lipglossiping brings us manicures in honor of the World Cup.

- I've marked my calendar for October 5, the day Corin Tucker's solo album is released.

HonFest is today!

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