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Curator's Corner, 6/12/2010

Beachy keen: a very summery MAC collection

I had been anxiously awaiting MAC's To the Beach collection for months and was so excited to finally buy it.  I think these pieces will really add to the Museum's summer exhibitions.  Now for some pics!

Golden bronzer:


In natural light and with flash:


Hipness blush and Humid eye shadow:


Hipness humid

Beachbound lipstick and Splashing lip glass:

Beachbound splashing

Flurry of Fun lip glass, the only item I intend on using from the collection:

Flurry of fun

In terms of collectibles there was also a tote bag but I thought $50 was a bit steep for a canvas bag, sturdy though it may be, so I passed on it.

(image from

And here's the biggie from the collection, the one that sold out immediately from MAC's and Nordstrom's sites as well as pretty much everywhere else, Marine Life:


It was sold out entirely everywhere near me so I had to once again dispatch my mother to pick it up for me at her local counter, as she did with the Lancome Coral Flirt blush.  Thanks Mom!

So what do you think of this collection?  While the illustrations were simple, I thought they perfectly captured a fun sunny day at the beach.  :)

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