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May 2010

Curator's corner, 5/22/2010

So.  Busy.  Life needs to slow down a little!  That said, here are some things that have caught my fancy this week.

- My head is spinning from all the gorgeous paper at this year's National Stationery Show, wonderfully covered by Oh So Beautiful Paper.

- This necklace looks like it could hurt someone - so dangerous and punk!  Want.

- I'm making it my mission to eat at this grilled cheese restaurant.

- Beautiful With Brains shares beauty trends from the Elizabethan era.

- Finally, I've been greatly enjoying Food Party on IFC.  I think it's because it reminds me of a more bizarre version of Pee Wee's Playhouse, which I loved as a kid,  and partially because it involves food and stuffed animals/puppets, which are among my very favorite things in the whole world.   What's not to like?

Hot topic: Yayoi Kusama for Lancôme

I'm pretty bummed Lancôme isn't getting in these fabulously cute Juicy Tubes that were designed by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama in honor of the famous lip gloss' 10th anniversary - why, Lancôme, why??  There's just as big a market in the U.S. for these as other regions!  Grrr.

Yayoi kusama
(photo from glossy-kiss.blogspot.com)

Kusama is famous for her works featuring a dot motif, which is included in the Juicy Tubes design.  Here it is on a larger scale in an installation from October 2008:

Yayoi-kusama 001
(photo from contemporaryartlinks.blogspot.com)

Here's something else tremendously interesting about this artist, at least to me!  When I first saw the collection online her name didn't ring a bell.  But when I called Lancôme to find out if it would be coming to the States and said her name aloud, something caught in my memory.  After I hung up I said it a few more times to myself like a dork and realized that, ta-da, she is mentioned in a song by my one of my very favorite bands!  How cool is that?  If you listen carefully at the 3:10 mark you'll hear it.  :)

Curator's corner, 5/9/2010

Lots of things I'd like to share with you this week!

- If you haven't yet listened to Baltimore's very own Beach House, you're missing out!  I was lucky to snag tickets to their sold-out show last night (of course, I shopped early and got them in February to ensure I'd see them!).   The pic is one my husband-to-be took from the show.


- While I'm proud that B'more produced a band as great as the aforementioned Beach House, I am dismayed to learn that we are #8 in America's top 10 fattest cities.  Come on Charm City, I know we can do better!

- Well, maybe next month our town can focus on losing weight.  This month is National Hamburger Month so we must celebrate by eating vast quantities!  (With cheese and bacon on top and a big side of fries, of course.) Additionally,  Slatkin released a hamburger-scented candle for the occasion.  Mmmm.

- As a new fan of Latisse (my lashes are growing like weeds, with no weird side effects), I must say I found this parody of the commercial to be hilarious.

- On the beauty front, Karlasugar.net brings us swatches of the new Bobbi Brown Lip Treatment Shines.  Want!

- I only have one word to describe this woman:  amateur!  We share the same first name, but she's got nothin' on MY collection.

- I really hope our wedding cake doesn't turn out like these.  Or these.

- Finally, don't forget Mom!  Here is a round-up of some lovely cards courtesy of Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Fresh-squeezed: Clinique Juiced Up spring collection

Clinique's summer collection is already out, but I didn't want their juicy spring collection slipping through the cracks!  I like that Clinique did something spring-like without using any type of flower.  Indeed, fresh fruit is very springy!

Here is the Fresh-Picked Pears eye shadow:


And Fresh Picked Berry:

There was also a blush palette, Mixed Berries:

I failed to buy it as I decided Museum funds could be spent elsewhere *cough MAC To the Beach collection cough cough*.  ;)  While the designs on these aren't all that complex, it was refreshing to see something other than flowers for a spring collection. 

Dolphins by Chantecaille

Chantecaille has redeemed itself in the eyes of the Curator.  After a few pretty uninteresting releases (uninteresting from a collectible standpoint, anyway) they have released this lovely palette for spring.  While I don't think it has the level of detail of, say, the Protected Paradise palettes, it's worth collecting.  Here it is with and without flash:


If you look really closely the big dolphins all look like they're smiling!

As with the other wildlife palettes, 5% of sales will go an institution that helps save the animal - in this case, it will go to the President of the Tethys Research Institute, "a non-profit NGO for the study and the conservation of the marine environment in the Mediterranean" that "has been studying Mediterranean whales and dolphins for two decades and has become one of the foremost research organizations working in the area."   So there you have it.  I'm curious to know what Chantecaille has up its sleeve for fall!

Curator's corner: May Day

FiFiKinetic Another long week.  I have to admit I have been rather uninspired lately.  With all the spring collections over and done with there's not much going on for summer, at least not yet!  So there's been a bit of a lull for the Museum.  Still, there are fun things worth mentioning:

- Remember Nathalie Lete's work for Bourjois?  Here's her latest collaboration with Anthropologie.

- Beautiful Van Gogh-inspired wedding photography shoot.

- Interesting news for Beatlemaniacs like me.

- Makeup really does have a place in museums.  Here's an Egyptian makeup workshop and an exhibition of red lipstick portraits.

- I'll be sad to miss the annual Kinetic Sculpture Race brought to us by the Visionary Art Museum.  Maybe next year!

(image from takepart.com)