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Happy International Museum Day!

Curator's corner, 5/9/2010

Lots of things I'd like to share with you this week!

- If you haven't yet listened to Baltimore's very own Beach House, you're missing out!  I was lucky to snag tickets to their sold-out show last night (of course, I shopped early and got them in February to ensure I'd see them!).   The pic is one my husband-to-be took from the show.


- While I'm proud that B'more produced a band as great as the aforementioned Beach House, I am dismayed to learn that we are #8 in America's top 10 fattest cities.  Come on Charm City, I know we can do better!

- Well, maybe next month our town can focus on losing weight.  This month is National Hamburger Month so we must celebrate by eating vast quantities!  (With cheese and bacon on top and a big side of fries, of course.) Additionally,  Slatkin released a hamburger-scented candle for the occasion.  Mmmm.

- As a new fan of Latisse (my lashes are growing like weeds, with no weird side effects), I must say I found this parody of the commercial to be hilarious.

- On the beauty front, brings us swatches of the new Bobbi Brown Lip Treatment Shines.  Want!

- I only have one word to describe this woman:  amateur!  We share the same first name, but she's got nothin' on MY collection.

- I really hope our wedding cake doesn't turn out like these.  Or these.

- Finally, don't forget Mom!  Here is a round-up of some lovely cards courtesy of Oh So Beautiful Paper.

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