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April 2010

Friday fun: Tokidoki makeup 2.0

Tokidoki, the brand chock full of unique characters created by Simone Legno, has returned to the cosmetics world!  In my opinion this collection is much more interesting than their first go, a collaboration with Smashbox in the spring of 2007.  Unfortunately for the Museum this collection is also much bigger so I wasn't able to buy even half of it.  I chose what I thought were the more eye-catching designs and characters. 

First, the outer packaging (front, back and side):




Bastardino and Adios palettes. 


The interiors, with and without flash:

Palettes open

Each palette came with little charms of the characters - how cute!!


Here are 3 of the 15 (!!) Prisma lip glosses featuring little snow globes on top.  The characters I chose (and it was tough choosing just three, they're all adorable) are Strawberry Latte, Donutella, and Monkey Pirate:


I wanted to get good close-up shots of the characters, but it proved impossible so these are a bit blurry.

Strawberry Latte is a newer addition to the Moofia lineup.  According to Vinyl Pulse, the Moofia "fight against the tyranny of school lunch bullies, making the cafeteria safe once again."


How awesome is it that Donutella (clever name!) has donuts for ears?  Good thing I don't, I'd eat them and end up deaf.  ;)


Given my love of monkeys, this little simian pirate is right up my alley.

I wish I could collect them all, they're too cute!   And if anyone can find a description/background of Donutella and Monkey Pirate, I'd be very appreciative.  I know there's a good story to each character but I can't seem to find it for these!

Bamboozled: Sonia Kashuk eco-friendly brushes

Last year Sonia Kashuk released a set of brushes made to look like coral.  This year she ups the ante with bamboo-shaped brushes made from, well, bamboo.  They also fit neatly into cork bags. 

Sonia kashuk bamboo
(image from soniakashuk.com)

This is a great concept that I wish more makeup companies would adopt - not only are the brushes unusual looking, they're made from green materials.  I mean they don't have to look like bamboo or be made from it necessarily, but brush design seem to be the main thing cosmetic companies tend to overlook - the handles are always a plain shape and there's very little color (with the exception of Sephora's and Lancome's limited-edition colored brush sets.)  I have to say I'm really digging the cork bag too, although it kind of makes me want to stick push pins in it.  ;)  What do you think?

Curator's corner, 4/24/10

17010006_lg *crawls out from pile of work*  I've been so busy lately with work and other things that are forcing me to neglect my beloved Museum, but still wanted to share some stuff I'm loving!

- I want both these prints and tea towels for my kitchen!  Oh, and these beautiful ceramics.

- Really liking MAC's new Pret a Papier collection.

- My latest food discovery, delicious dark chocolate peanut butter.  I wish they made bigger jars, as I seem to consume an entire one every week!  Or perhaps I should just eat less.  :P

- Glamour Daze brings us a makeup tutorial from the 1940s.

- I'm soooo happy Makeup Bag mentioned one of my very favorite e-tailer products:  Coconut Hut's Sugar Beach Triple Sugar scrub.  I'm not overly fond of Sea Foam Slushie, but do check out all the amazing coconut scents!

- I must make a pilgrimage to NYC to see this archive.

What about you?  :)

MM Spring 2010 exhibition

I still don't have all the pieces I wanted to put in this year's spring exhibition, but I think it's close enough.  I wanted to have the spring display up and running because before you know it Memorial Day (a.k.a. the unofficial start of summer) will be here, and I'll have to start putting together the summer exhibition.  Enjoy!

Main exhibition:







Auxiliary hallway exhibition:



Finally, the office auxiliary exhibition:






Downy soft: Clarins Cotton Flower palette

The Curator is baffled as to why the Clarins counters in the U.S. didn't get this lovely little palette.  Fortunately I was able to snag it on UK E-bay.  Part of the spring 2010 Cotton Flower collection, this powder features pretty branches with fluffy cotton blossoms.  Here it is with and without flash:

Cotton flower

Naturally I was curious to see if the design was true to a real cotton flower plant, and I think it is!

I love that Clarins had a cotton flower-themed spring collection rather than the crop of roses that appeared everywhere last year.  Hopefully they'll have something equally unique for fall.

Curator's Corner: Easter candy edition


Okay, I realize not everyone celebrates Easter - I myself attend my future mother-in-law's Passover dinner every year - but what I really want to talk about this week is not Easter itself but candy.  Ooooh the candy!  When I was little we dyed eggs and had an Easter egg hunt, but the highlight was the positively enormous basket of sweet treats the Easter bunny would bestow upon my sister and I.  I'm far too old now to be getting a basket, but the Easter bunny (a.k.a. my parents) still get me an obscenely huge amount of chocolate each year, since I always eschewed the jelly beans and other non-chocolate stuff (see above picture as proof - thanks, dad!)  So, instead of the usual mishmash of things I liked from this past week, I'm bringing you my candy favorites.

- I've already mentioned the amazing (and very pricey, meh) Vosges Mo's Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar, and the company came out with a special "Bacon and Eggs" set this year.  It has 5 dark chocolate eggs containing bacon-infused caramel cream.  To die for, although a bit sweeter than the bacon bar.

- My favorite place to shop for chocolate is Ma Petite Shoe in Hampden - they always have the latest and greatest in chocolate.  Thanks to that little store, I found these delicious sea salt and dark chocolate bars.  There is so much salt the bars are grainy to the touch, but somehow they manage not to be too salty.  Mmmm. 

- I always come back to good ole' Cadbury cream eggs.  Much as I prefer dark chocolate, these are the ultimate Easter candy which I can never say no to!

- I don't like to eat Peeps, but boy do I enjoy blowing them up in the microwave.  The Washington Post,  however, has a much less abusive use for them - each year they challenge readers to make a Peep "diorama".  You can check them out here.

- My husband-to-be is a peanut butter fiend, so his favorite Easter candy involves peanut butter and chocolate.  In addition to the traditional Reese's peanut butter filled eggs, there is now an entire "Reester bunny" - I have to admit we bought him for the hilarious name alone.  He was delicious crumbled over peanut butter ice cream.  ;)

- Finally, City Girl got me hooked on Lake Champlain chocolate bars a year or two ago.  I love all the dark chocolate ones, but my top 2 are the raspberry and mint.

I'm off to have a glass of milk and some of the treats mentioned above (or maybe some of the wonderful Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds - another one of my faves.)  Feel free to share your favorite candy in the comments section!

Friday fun: Benefit Bathina's new look

Benefit's Bathina, a best-selling shimmery body balm, recently got a makeover for spring.  Here's the old packaging:

 Bathina old
(image from macys.com)

And the new.  I'm not sure I like this image as much as the old one - I think part of the allure of the Bathina balm was that the product was supposed to leave your skin looking and feeling, well, sexy.  This new image depicts a more innocent woman (in my opinion she looks more like a teenage girl) and even the puff used to apply the product has been transformed to a more girly pink from the previous bombshell black.

(image from ulta.com) 

What do you think?  I appreciate that Benefit took the time to spruce up some old packaging, but in this case I didn't think it was warranted or an improvement. 

Spring trends for 2010

The Museum's Advisory Committee was too lazy to play a prank like they did last year, so in lieu of an April Fool's joke I'm bringing you spring makeup trends.  After sifting through all the spring issues of my magazines (I subscribe to no fewer than 7 fashion/beauty mags) and seeing what companies have lined up for their spring collections, I have determined the biggest trend for spring 2010 is...pastels!  Now, pastels are always in for spring, but this year they're really huge.  From mint greens to soft lilacs to pale nudes, muted versions of colorful shades are this season's It makeup.  Here's a little collage of the products leading the pastel way.

Clinique Fresh Picked Pear eye shadow; Dior quint in Coquette; MAC Blooming Lovely lipstick; Armani Nude Contrasts palette; Nars D. Gorgeous eye shadow; Shu Egerie eye shimmer duo in Starry Violet; Chanel nail polishes; Stila Yumberry Crush lip and cheek stain; Sephora ad.

Spring 2010 trends

Will you be partaking in pastels this year?  I can't wait to break out some of my faves - Stila Cha-Cha eye shadow (pale, fresh minty green) and Becca Rosebud cream blush.