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Curator's Corner: Easter candy edition


Okay, I realize not everyone celebrates Easter - I myself attend my future mother-in-law's Passover dinner every year - but what I really want to talk about this week is not Easter itself but candy.  Ooooh the candy!  When I was little we dyed eggs and had an Easter egg hunt, but the highlight was the positively enormous basket of sweet treats the Easter bunny would bestow upon my sister and I.  I'm far too old now to be getting a basket, but the Easter bunny (a.k.a. my parents) still get me an obscenely huge amount of chocolate each year, since I always eschewed the jelly beans and other non-chocolate stuff (see above picture as proof - thanks, dad!)  So, instead of the usual mishmash of things I liked from this past week, I'm bringing you my candy favorites.

- I've already mentioned the amazing (and very pricey, meh) Vosges Mo's Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar, and the company came out with a special "Bacon and Eggs" set this year.  It has 5 dark chocolate eggs containing bacon-infused caramel cream.  To die for, although a bit sweeter than the bacon bar.

- My favorite place to shop for chocolate is Ma Petite Shoe in Hampden - they always have the latest and greatest in chocolate.  Thanks to that little store, I found these delicious sea salt and dark chocolate bars.  There is so much salt the bars are grainy to the touch, but somehow they manage not to be too salty.  Mmmm. 

- I always come back to good ole' Cadbury cream eggs.  Much as I prefer dark chocolate, these are the ultimate Easter candy which I can never say no to!

- I don't like to eat Peeps, but boy do I enjoy blowing them up in the microwave.  The Washington Post,  however, has a much less abusive use for them - each year they challenge readers to make a Peep "diorama".  You can check them out here.

- My husband-to-be is a peanut butter fiend, so his favorite Easter candy involves peanut butter and chocolate.  In addition to the traditional Reese's peanut butter filled eggs, there is now an entire "Reester bunny" - I have to admit we bought him for the hilarious name alone.  He was delicious crumbled over peanut butter ice cream.  ;)

- Finally, City Girl got me hooked on Lake Champlain chocolate bars a year or two ago.  I love all the dark chocolate ones, but my top 2 are the raspberry and mint.

I'm off to have a glass of milk and some of the treats mentioned above (or maybe some of the wonderful Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds - another one of my faves.)  Feel free to share your favorite candy in the comments section!

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