MM Spring 2010 exhibition
Bamboozled: Sonia Kashuk eco-friendly brushes

Curator's corner, 4/24/10

17010006_lg *crawls out from pile of work*  I've been so busy lately with work and other things that are forcing me to neglect my beloved Museum, but still wanted to share some stuff I'm loving!

- I want both these prints and tea towels for my kitchen!  Oh, and these beautiful ceramics.

- Really liking MAC's new Pret a Papier collection.

- My latest food discovery, delicious dark chocolate peanut butter.  I wish they made bigger jars, as I seem to consume an entire one every week!  Or perhaps I should just eat less.  :P

- Glamour Daze brings us a makeup tutorial from the 1940s.

- I'm soooo happy Makeup Bag mentioned one of my very favorite e-tailer products:  Coconut Hut's Sugar Beach Triple Sugar scrub.  I'm not overly fond of Sea Foam Slushie, but do check out all the amazing coconut scents!

- I must make a pilgrimage to NYC to see this archive.

What about you?  :)

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