Curator's corner, 4/24/10
Friday fun: Tokidoki makeup 2.0

Bamboozled: Sonia Kashuk eco-friendly brushes

Last year Sonia Kashuk released a set of brushes made to look like coral.  This year she ups the ante with bamboo-shaped brushes made from, well, bamboo.  They also fit neatly into cork bags. 

Sonia kashuk bamboo
(image from

This is a great concept that I wish more makeup companies would adopt - not only are the brushes unusual looking, they're made from green materials.  I mean they don't have to look like bamboo or be made from it necessarily, but brush design seem to be the main thing cosmetic companies tend to overlook - the handles are always a plain shape and there's very little color (with the exception of Sephora's and Lancome's limited-edition colored brush sets.)  I have to say I'm really digging the cork bag too, although it kind of makes me want to stick push pins in it.  ;)  What do you think?

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