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Friday fun: Tokidoki makeup 2.0

Tokidoki, the brand chock full of unique characters created by Simone Legno, has returned to the cosmetics world!  In my opinion this collection is much more interesting than their first go, a collaboration with Smashbox in the spring of 2007.  Unfortunately for the Museum this collection is also much bigger so I wasn't able to buy even half of it.  I chose what I thought were the more eye-catching designs and characters. 

First, the outer packaging (front, back and side):




Bastardino and Adios palettes. 


The interiors, with and without flash:

Palettes open

Each palette came with little charms of the characters - how cute!!


Here are 3 of the 15 (!!) Prisma lip glosses featuring little snow globes on top.  The characters I chose (and it was tough choosing just three, they're all adorable) are Strawberry Latte, Donutella, and Monkey Pirate:


I wanted to get good close-up shots of the characters, but it proved impossible so these are a bit blurry.

Strawberry Latte is a newer addition to the Moofia lineup.  According to Vinyl Pulse, the Moofia "fight against the tyranny of school lunch bullies, making the cafeteria safe once again."


How awesome is it that Donutella (clever name!) has donuts for ears?  Good thing I don't, I'd eat them and end up deaf.  ;)


Given my love of monkeys, this little simian pirate is right up my alley.

I wish I could collect them all, they're too cute!   And if anyone can find a description/background of Donutella and Monkey Pirate, I'd be very appreciative.  I know there's a good story to each character but I can't seem to find it for these!

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