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Curator's corner: In like a lion, out like a lamb

What do skulls, butterflies, cameos and bees have in common?

Not much, but these are just a few of the icons Tarina Tarantino has up her sleeve for her new collections.  I covered the regular line previously, but now several limited edition collections have been released.  Here they are with their Sephora descriptions.

The Bibarucci collection:  "Bibarucci was inspired by two of Tarina's Tarantino's favorite fashion icons combining sexy, playful designs from the Disco era, with '60s rock 'n' roll decadence featuring black, gold, and leopard print with Egyptian accents. "


Candy Cameo:  "Taking a colorful inspiration from her grandmother's vintage jewelry box, Tarina's Candy Cameo Collection features neon-colored cameos with glossy hearts and bows, accented with black lacquer beads. Each piece is playful with vibrant colors mixing harmoniously to create a fantastical, yet nostalgic, feel."


Tokyo Hardcore:  "During her first trip to Japan, Tarina found herself immersed in a futuristic culture of cuteness that immediately inspired her to create a collection celebrating the high-tech style in Tokyo, including "Hardcore" fashion, and cosplay (costume play inspired by Japanese Anime). The neon colors represent Tokyo's skyline, which she watched from her room at night."


Victorian Punk:  "Inspired by Gothic style and 70s punk rock, the Victorian Punk Collection references Tarina's love of turn-of- the-century haberdashery and dress. These influences appear in hand-printed, scrimshaw skull cameos surrounded by Swarovski crystals, then layered with charms and pearls. The rich Victorian colors of red, black, and purple combine to create a story of romance and gothic fantasy."


Electric Butterfly:  "Tarina found inspiration for the Electric Butterfly Collection from acid bright, op-art posters from the '60s and Art Nouveau illustrations from the early 1900s. The art from these eras, with their highly stylized images and curvilinear shapes, references the patterns in butterfly wings, accentuated through vibrant, colored-crystal accents."

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So there you have it.  What do you think of these?  And which is your favorite (if you like them!)?  I'm still on the fence...I like fun packaging but these seem more like products meant for little girls rather than women.  However, I do like the theme behind each one, with Victorian Punk being my fave. 

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