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Spring trends for 2010

Shu Egérie spring collection

The Curator is a bit confounded by Shu Uemura's spring 2010 collection called Egérie.  According to their website, égérie is a "rebellious and daring spirit who never loses her sense of elegance and sophistication," while the collection itself is "inspired by the glamour of rock n roll.  Flashy, glimmering shine is complemented with delicate satin sheen finishes to transport you under the spotlight of the captivating rock stage."  Hmm.  To me, pastels and a tougher, rock and roll look just don't go together.  And the design on the packaging really has nothing to do with either - what is it supposed to be?

 Egerie items

Plus, while I adore the idea of a collection based on rocker chic, the ad is something we've seen before.  Here is Shu's promo ad side by side with MAC's Rebel Rock ad from 2005:

Ad comparison
All in all I was a bit underwhelmed.  Hopefully Shu's fall and holiday offerings will be more interesting.  (Although harder to find now, as L'Oreal just announced they will be closing all Shu counters in the U.S.!  We should still be able to buy online at the Shu website, however.)

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