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Butterflies in my tummy: Rouge Bunny Rouge

Via Britishbeautyblogger  I came across this gorgeously designed English line.  Each piece in the Rouge Bunny Rouge lineup, from foundations to lip glosses to highlighters, is adorned with a pretty, organically-inspired image:

Glassy gloss

Lip gloss

I think my favorite items are the Double Duty mirrors:  

All of the designs remind me a little of Paul & Joe's delicate chrysanthemum blossom on their packaging - so simple yet very elegant and modern.  Another thing I love about this line is the unusual, if not downright bizarre, theme behind it.  From the website:  "Imagine, if you will, the Garden of Plenty in the grounds of the Princess's Palace.  She goes by the name of Her Royal Highness, Princess Rouge.  Princess Rouge has been having a recurring dream about a magical garden, through which a frolicsome Red Bunny chaperones her.  Wishing to turn her recurring dream of the Enchanted Garden into reality, she calls upon her most talented artists and artisans to recreate for her the ethereal beauty of the magic honour of the Enchanted Garden story, the Order of RBR brings to you a collection that intertwines a Victorian fairytale, with mystery and a whispering sense of danger."  I sense a bit of Alice in Wonderland but with a red rabbit instead of white.  I love how the story is like a children's fairytale but the packaging is definitely more mature.  What do you think?

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