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Curator's Corner, 3/6/2010

Friday fun: makeup goes to the movies

The Oscars are this Sunday so I thought I'd do a round-up of makeup movie tie-ins.  In recent years cosmetics companies have come up with special collections in conjunction with a new movie.  I've already discussed the Alice in Wonderland products, but here are some more.

Last year saw the introduction of an entire line devoted to the Twilight movies.  Sold at Nordstrom, the collection has everything from lip gloss to body glow, with names like Just Bitten and Mortal Glow.

(image from 

Perhaps no one has had more movie-related promotional products than Stila.  In 2001 they released a palette for Legally Blonde (with Reese Witherspoon - one of my favorite comedies!) and two more in 2003 for the sequel.  I'm unable to find pictures of the outer packaging but if I recall correctly  each palette has an adorable blonde Stila girl, just like the lovely Elle Woods.  In 2004 they released a set for Vanity Fair (also with Reese Witherspoon) and in 2006 2 palettes for Just my Luck 2006.

Jml ebay
(image from

Vanity fair amazon
(image from

Finally, while it's not related to a particular film, the 2007 Armani Movie Lights compact evokes vintage Hollywood glamour with its vanity table-like lights:

Movie lights
While I do think it's a little gimmicky for a cosmetics company to release limited-edition products in conjunction with popular, possibly over-hyped movies, I do like to see what they come up with especially if there's cute packaging involved.

Happy Oscar watching!

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