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Give me (MAC) liberty or give me death!

Don't touch my graffiti: Fafi for MAC

All the latest buzz is focused on MAC's big Liberty of London collection, and I will be posting about that as soon as I finish taking pictures of my massive haul, but for now I thought I'd warm up with another big spring MAC collection - Fafi!  Fafi is a French graffiti artist who collaborated with MAC in 2008 to create makeup featuring her unique drawings of women.  

Here's what I got. 

Fafi Eyes 1:


Quad open:




Here is the blush open:


Lip glosses in Cult Fave and Totally It:


Lipstick in Flash 'n' Dash:


Scarf (which retailed at $15 - a steal compared to the $95 scarf for the Liberty of London collection!)



Fafi shirt

Makeup bags:


And my favorite part of the collection, little figurines of the Fafinettes.  From left to right their names are Monoka, Eriko and Ermine.  I loved that the artist came up with backstories for each of them.  You can read them all here.


Even the shopping bag had a cute "Fafinette" on it:

Fafi bag 1

Fafi bag 2

According to her website, Fafi's work "explores femininity through stereotypes" and her women are "sexy, funny, and occasionally aggressive."  Here is one of her works in situ:

(image from

For a great review and analysis of Fafi's work as it relates to MAC, check out this blog entry.  While I think MAC is a great line for Fafi's work, I could also see her working for Urban Decay, as both lines are considered edgy and youth-oriented.  

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