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Curator's corner: In like a lion, out like a lamb

Sleaterkinney Well, not quite...while the end of March is supposed to be gentler than the beginning, we've had some nasty weather here, which is sad considering how lovely it was last week.  Oh well.  Been kind of a bad week but there were some bright spots, like these:

- Awesome exhibition of Curious George drawings by Margaret and H.A. Rey at the Jewish Museum in New York.  I've always loved monkeys so Curious George books were among my favorites when I was little.

- Speaking of monkeys, I was browsing watches at Nordstrom when I stumbled across this little guy.  How cute!!

- I was so excited to read this interview with a member of my all-time favorite band.  I nearly hyperventilated when I read they might re-form to come out with a record "sometime in the next five years."  OMG OMG OMG!!!!

- Thought-provoking post on makeup application as gender performance, via Feministing.

- BellaSugar looks at lipgloss rings.  I always find the intersection of makeup and jewelry to be a little gimmicky, but still fun to look at.

What were you digging this week?

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