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Curator's Corner: happy spring!

Robin  YAY!!!  Spring has officially sprung!  I mean, it really has - the last few days have been sinfully gorgeous, with temperatures in the 60s and 70s and nary a cloud in sight.  And I actually saw robins before today, which was great.  Here are some things to put the "spring" in your step. 

-  I'm not really into floral prints, but H & M's Garden Collection  is so cheery!

- I think the thing I love most about spring is that yummy fruits and veggies come back into season.  Asparagus seems to arrive first at our farmer's market when it re-opens after its winter hiatus.  This is a great recipe for this stalky vegetable.

- Daylight savings time means lots more light, which is awesome, but it also means more of the sun's harmful rays.  I wear sunscreen day in and day out no matter the time of year but in the spring/summer months it's especially important to slather it on.  I love La Roche Posay's Anthelios Ultra-Light Fluide SPF 60 for my oily skin.  

- You can listen to my "spring anthem" which I play every year on March 20, courtesy of the Beatles. 07 Here Comes The Sun

- Finally, check out this pic my husband-to-be took of the monument - don't the trees look pretty?!


I'm happy to have made it through another long winter.  Happy spring!!

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