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Welcome to the Curator's Corner

Hold on to your hats, I decided to try a new feature on this blog o'mine to spice things up a bit.  Or not.  I do know that the other weekly features, Couture Monday and Friday Fun, aren't exactly...well, weekly, so I was hoping to start another feature that I could actually keep up with.  (What I didn't know when I started those two is that it gets very difficult to post couture-related cosmetics since there are only 5 or so couture houses that actually have makeup lines, and it's sort of the same with Friday Fun - truly fun or kitschy packaging is a little hard to come by.  The only way to have it every single week is to discuss individual items from the same "fun" lines - Benefit, Too-Faced, TheBalm, etc. - over and over again!)  Anyway, after some careful consideration I'm going to start a weekly round-up of things that catch my fancy.  Surely you want to know a bit about what the Curator is digging this week in addition to beauty items, right?  Right?!  Well, too bad if you don't since I'm going to do it anyway.  You never know, you may end up liking some of these things yourself!

Here goes:

- My new food obsession:  Trader Joe's dark chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds.  Two of my very favorite foods brought together at last!  I've convinced myself they're a health food since as we all know pomegranate seeds and dark chocolate are chock full of antioxidants. 

-  Great tutorial on washing brushes from Makeup Minute.

- Awesome blog I stumbled across while researching something for a museum inquiry (yes, I actually got one!)

- Who else wants to see Shutter Island

- Loving Stila Pomegranate Crush lip and cheek stain.

- Oh, if only I had $1k to burn.  These Louboutins are the hottest sandals I've seen in a while.

- Excellent summary of cosmetics in ancient Egypt from Beauty With Brains.

- In honor of the Superbowl:  a friendly wager between the directors of the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the New Orleans Museum of Art.

- It was a snowpocalypse here in B'more!  Here are some pics.


This poor little tree split right in half under the weight of the snow:


Someone built a snowman to keep the statue company:

Snowman stature

I loved walking right smack dab in the middle of the normally-bustling Charles St.:

Charles st trees

Feel free to post any comments or opinions below!   :)

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