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Friday fun: down the rabbit hole (again)

"Curiouser and curiouser!"

The cosmetics world is swept up in Alice madness.  I promised more Alice in Wonderland goodies and here they are! had these Paul & Joe sets available via phone order only - they won't be up at the website until March and the Curator simply couldn't wait that long.  Each set is a tin containing a blotting sheet holder, blotting sheets and a sheer lip balm.  

The outer box of set no. 1:

 Pink box

The outside of the tin:

Pink tin
Blotting sheets:

Blotting sheets 001

The blotting sheet compact and lip treatment:

Blotting compact 001

The other side of the lip treatment stick and the color (although I think it just goes on clear):

Dinah lip balm

And now for the other set!




Blotting sheets and lip treatment:



Lip treatment:


What I love about Paul & Joe are the tiny details you might miss if you're not looking carefully.  I love that each of the tins has Paul & Joe in the colors of each set - pink and blue:

Inside tins

I was never really into Disney movies when I was little, but Alice in Wonderland was the exception.  I used to watch it all the time - my favorite scenes were when she was in the flower garden and of course, the tea party.  I wish these sets had the Mad Hatter, but they're still adorable!  While I do appreciate the originality of Urban Decay's illustrated Alice in Wonderland palette, I like that Paul & Joe went with the good old Disney version for its Alice collection, as it gives me happy childhood memories of watching this movie with my mom.  

One more thing:  RougeDeluxe posted a link to a release party for this collection in Taiwan.  I wish there was something like that here, since it looks like a lot of crazy fun!

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