Friday fun: down the rabbit hole (again)
Couture Monday: Chanel leaves an imprint (and not in a good way)

Curator's Corner: one month till spring!

Anthro teeI cannot wait for spring.  The massive piles of snow are starting to melt but I want them gone NOW!  Besides wanting spring to start, here are some things I've been into this week.

- Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog shares some great information on Chanel's new Rouge Coco lipsticks, which I can't wait to get my greedy little hands on.

- How gorgeous is this condo in D.C.?

- Lipstick Powder 'n Paint has an interesting post on strange beauty products.  Soaps made out of breast milk?  No thanks.

- NEED this top from Anthropologie, if not for the name alone - the "curated tee"!!  I'll take it red, please.

- I didn't think it was possible, but my love for Kathleen Hanna grew ever stronger after watching this interview with Laura Flanders.

- Loving Bobbi Brown's new Cabana Corals collection, especially the Nectar shimmerbrick.

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