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Paul & Joe spring 2010

Curator's Corner

05 - Castello Sforzesco - Milan - 200w

Things from around the interwebs I liked this week, along with a delicious treat I found at Whole Paycheck (err, I mean Whole Foods):

- Via ArtDaily I learned that not only is there an entire museum devoted to shoes (!! - the Curator's other passion besides makeup) in Toronto, they currently have a fantastic exhibition on European 16th and 17th-century ladies' footwear.  How cool is that?!

- BellaSugar has an interesting quiz on how much cosmetics used to cost.  I didn't do so well (I only got 2 out of 5 correct, eek!) but I did learn that Ivory Soap used to cost a mere 5 cents back in 1926.

- Bacon and chocolate?  I know it seems weird, but I am totally hooked on these Vosges chocolate bars.  I'm very sensitive to caffeine, which is unfortunate for a chocoholic (especially one who loves highly caffeinated dark chocolate) but in this case it works in my favor  - I can only eat one or two squares at a time so I'm not awake the whole night, which is good since these bars are expensive!  But a necessary luxury.

- The planning for our nuptials is coming along nicely, but I have to say it would have been cool to have our celebration at a doughnut shop.  

- A big thanks to Britishbeautyblogger for introducing me to the positively adorable cosmetic bags by Kate Garey.  

What were you into this week?

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