Friday fun: go ask Alice
Pouring it on: Morris Louis, lip gloss style

Couture Monday: haute in a can

I was at the Ulta site looking for Stila's Black Cat smudge pot which I had missed out on back in the fall, and stumbled across this new paint can!  Near as I can tell, it's an Ulta exclusive.  Since Stila paint cans are one of my favorite aspects of the Museum's collection I just had to buy it.  There really isn't a very good concept behind it - "instant glam in a can" is kind of vague and not tied to any specific couture line, but I am a sucker for paint cans. 


Other side:


It comes with a mini-sizes of Peony Convertible Color and Pomegranate Lip and Cheek Stain (which I'm loving so far!) and full-sized Major Lash Mascara and Kitten eye shadow.  Not bad for $28 (plus I used a 20% off code).  :)

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