Curator's Corner: one month till spring!
Josie Maran Natural Wonders palette

Couture Monday: Chanel leaves an imprint (and not in a good way)

Chanel spring 2010 Like last spring's palette from Chanel I was disappointed with this.  The trademark interlocking Chanel Cs just aren't very imaginative - basically they just slapped the Chanel logo on a highlighting powder.  Also, what's up with the little circles surrounding the Cs?  It doesn't look any better in person either.  I thought perhaps it was just the way it was photographing, but they're fairly ugly in my opinion.  Since they're raised and not uniformly shaped the image that comes to my mind, honestly, are barnacles on a ship!  Try again, Chanel.  I for one will not be buying something for the Museum that resembles what you'd find on the underside of a boat.  Maybe they'll come out with something better for fall.

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