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Clinique Fresh Bloom palettes

The Curator is positively chomping at the bit for spring to start - oh, how I despise the winter - so I figured I'd share these Fresh Bloom palettes by Clinique.  I loved the pretty floral design so much I got them all immediately when they were released in spring 2007.  They were limited edition for a while, but the demand became so great Clinique made them part of their regular line.  

Cliniquefresh bloom

Another got released in the fall of 2008, Blackberry Bloom (sorry it's a separate picture from the others - I was too lazy to retake them all together!):


And there is also a Bamboo Pink one released last summer, which sadly I am missing.  I need to get my hands on it to complete the collection!

Clinique bamboo
(image from temptalia.com)

Hurry up spring!

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