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Friday fun: down the rabbit hole (again)

Around the world with Cargo eye shadow palettes

These eye shadow palettes have been on the Museum's wishlist for quite a long time, and I'm sort of kicking myself for not buying them when they were half price as Sephora was getting rid of its Cargo stock a few weeks ago.  Oh well.  Even though Sephora dropped Cargo the line is still available at Ulta and

Each one has a different illustration reminiscent of both the city the palette is named for and the colors inside.  I'd love to know who did the designs but couldn't find any information.  In any case, here they are.

Barcelona, Bermuda, Shanghai:


Toronto, Baja, Vienna and London:

Toronto baja vienna london
 The one that really stands out to me, however, is Tahiti:

(images from

For some reason this reminds me so much of this portrait by Matisse of his wife, completed in 1905:

(image from

Cargo's isn't as painterly - the brushstrokes aren't visible - but the use of bold color and the somewhat abstract way the faces are presented seem similar to my eye.  Or maybe I just love Matisse and am always looking for comparisons to his work.  ;)  

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