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Little victories: MM in Baltimore Magazine

Nav_bar_01  January must be a sloooooow news month, as my fledgling museum has made it into Baltimore Magazine!  I was interviewed and photographed a while ago but didn't post this very exciting news because I was afraid the article wouldn't actually materialize, but here we are!  If you're in the Charm City area I would be ever so flattered if you picked up a copy.  Hell, I'd be happy if you just flipped through it at the grocery checkout! Turn to page 50 for a short article and a truly HIDEOUS picture of the Curator.   (I am not photogenic to begin with and the day the picture was taken I was having an extremely bad hair day.  Naturally I didn't want to annoy the poor photographer who was patiently trying to get a decent pic, so I didn't insist on him coming back on another day when my hair was less flat.)  Still, this is pretty cool, huh?  :D  Finally, some recognition!

Big thanks to Mary Mashburn for making this possible, to Janelle for writing such a nice piece and to David for getting the best picture possible of unphotogenic me.  :)

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