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Friday fun: Happy New Year!

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The Curator generally hates New Year's Eve and day - I find it depressing for a multitude of reasons - but I do hope everyone else enjoyed themselves last night and has the day off today.  I never make New Year's resolutions or even set goals since I have trouble following through, and then I feel bad for not completing the tasks I had set out to tackle.  That said, I do have some MM-related hopes for 2010 that I thought I'd share.  Let me be clear - these are not resolutions or goals but simply aspirations!  This way I'm not accountable if I don't follow through.  ;)  I know it's an easy out, but between wedding/honeymoon planning, getting in shape for said wedding (which eats up a lot more time than I expected), and job hunting (my formerly very stable job is not so certain anymore), I'm not putting much pressure on myself to go full throttle with MM activities in 2010 - they have to go on the back burner until things settle a bit.  Anyway, here are some things I'm hoping for this year.

1.  Finish at least one chapter of the long-talked about makeup coffee table book.  I've been toying with the idea roughly since 2006 - it's time I made an iota of progress on it!  Especially since I don't want someone beating me to the punch.  

2.  Get some official MM business cards printed.

3.  Maintain this blog.

4.  Continue background research for establishing the museum. 

5.  Reach out to local galleries and museums to see if they'd like to host an exhibition.  

So we'll see what happens.  What are your goals/hopes for 2010?

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