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Winging It: Lancôme Sparkling Cherub powder

How cute is this powder from Lancôme's holiday collection?  I guess the designers thought an angel would be fitting for the holiday season, although an angel did appear previously in a Lancôme bronzer.  I think it would have been cool to see the little guy shooting an arrow, but the purple heart is a nice touch (but I'm confused as to why purple was chosen for a face powder.)

 Sparkling cherub

This reminds me of all the adorable cherubs in Renaissance/Baroque art, particularly Italian.  Putti (derived from Eros/Cupid, the gods of love) appeared in quite a few paintings and sculptures from those periods.

Andrea Mantegna's ceiling oculus fresco in the Camera degli Sposi, Mantua, 1465:

(image from

The Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne by Annibale Carraci, Farnese palace, 1597:

(image from

And who can forget these little ones from Raphael's Sistine Madonna?

(image from

While I would have liked to see a more original idea that Lancôme hadn't done before, this is pretty good for a holiday piece.  I just wish I could somehow hang it on my Christmas tree!

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