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Couture Monday: Dior Aurore Boréale Crystal pendant

Friday fun: valley of the dolls

I originally saw these at Musingsofamuse and couldn't believe how fun and clever they are!  A new take on traditional wooden Japanese dolls, each one opens to reveal a palette of blush, eye shadow and lip gloss.   

Pupa kokeshi
(image from

I love them, but I think I love the previously released nesting dolls even more. 

(image from

Puposka open
(image from

The "Puposka World è la Collezione" features no less than NINE variations on the originals.  Each is meant to represent the fashion of different countries/ethnicities. 


Matroyska purple 

Spanish and Asian:

(above 2 images from

Indian and Sioux:

Pupa indian and asian
(image from

They also offer Alaskan (eskimo), American and African versions, but I can't seem to find any decent pics of them.  You can check out some tiny pics here.  What I love about these is that they're not just dolls (like the Shu Qee figures or the Lancôme Bearbrick) but rather dolls that actually contain makeup!  They would be such an excellent addition to the Museum.  However, they seem to be difficult to get shipped to the U.S., not to mention expensive, so I'm not sure I will ever get my hands on them.

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