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Couture Monday: Dior Aurore Boréale Crystal pendant

Looks like Santa is bringing us some major Dior bling this season.  The Cristal Boréal lip gloss pendant contains no less than 52 Swarovski crystals, 4 of which are the famous rainbow-colored "Aurore Boréale" originally created by Swarovski for Dior in 1955.  Dior was enamored by the light at the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles and asked Manfred Swarovski to create a crystal that captured the amazing iridescence of the reflections. 

I think it's great that Dior went back to its archives and then collaborated with the Swarovski company to make a new product.  I am a bit puzzled by several things, however.  First, why did Dior request this?  I'm assuming he used this new crystal in his designs but have yet to find any examples.   It could be that only Swarovski used these?  Second, according to one source, the pendant's oval shape is inspired by the "neo-Louis XVI chairs that Christian Dior loved," but according to Splendidcity, "the pendant was designed after the decorative style of brooches of the 18th Century Louis XVI."  Hmmm.  Well, at least the Louis XVI part is consistent! 

Questions aside, here are some pics.  Get ready to shield your eyes from all the shine! 

Crystal boreale

I love that it comes in a sturdy jewelry box:

Crystal boreale box

I'd never wear this, but it does make a nice holiday addition to the collection.  I also like that there's a bit of history behind the crystals and that Dior didn't slap them on a pendant for no reason!

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