Friday Fun: Too-Faced French and Fabulous palette
Crystal smackdown 2009

Couture Monday: Another crystal palette from Armani

Armani loves to break out the Swarovski crystals this time of year (see last year's holiday palette) but like the 2008 palette this doesn't seem to have much to do with Armani fashion.  There isn't any sort of attempt to connect it to Armani's work in the product description:  "Shimmering and glittering palette adorned with fine crystals. Inside, an embroidered silky powder highlights the face and the décolleté. Featuring festive eye shadow shades."  Well, that's great but I'm a little disappointed there wasn't any link to the fashion.  In any case, here are some pics:

 Black lace top


Black lace first tier

Second tier:

Black lace second tier

I just couldn't resist getting a lipstick as well as the palette!

Black lace 95

This is truly a beautiful design, however, I'm disappointed not only by a lack of connection to Armani fashion but also by the sloppiness of the crystal placement.  If you look at both the palette and lipstick case, the crystals aren't aligned properly - they're completely off-center.  I didn't bother to demand a replacement since I figured they're probably all like this, but as a collector you want your items to be in pristine condition.  Oh well.  

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