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November 2009

Luxe lips: special exhibition at LuxePack Monaco!

Britishbeautyblogger posted this last week and I definitely had to post about it here as well!  Luxe-pack Monaco, an annual showcase of new and innovative packaging, is featuring an exhibit curated by perfume and cosmetics historian Jean Marie Martin-Hattemberg.   (Note to Jean-Marie:  I'm a cosmetics historian/curator too - can you please explain to me how to parlay this into a real, paying job?!)

Anyway, the Luxe Pack site reads, "Discover how lipsticks and their packaging have been manufactured over the time. Nowadays seen as a must-have seduction weapon, the lipstick appeared in self-confident and open-minded women's daily life in the 20th century... Re-discover the daring and creative power of brands over time!"  Sounds fantastic, no?  And according to Premium Beauty News, there will be a book released -- not just showcasing the pieces in the exhibtion, but an entire history of lipstick.  I for one will be waiting with bated breath for the book to come out, not just because this is something a curator of a makeup museum should by all means have on hand  in her library, but to get ideas for my own makeup book.  ;)

Here's a pic of the "Couturines" lipsticks that will be on display, which Revlon manufactured between 1961 and 1963.  They represent Shirley MacLaine, Marilyn Monroe, and Bette Davis.

image from premiumbeautynews.com

And here's a closeup of Shirley - look at the intricate work on the case as well as the gold detailing towards the base of the lipstick itself.  They sure don't make anything like this anymore!

image from luxepack.com

I'd give my eye teeth to fly to Monaco and see this in person, but I guess the book will have to do for now. 

Couture Monday: Y is for Yves

I wasn't so impressed when I saw this fall palette from YSL.  An initial made into bronzer/highlighter seemed pretty boring.  But then the "stitching" on the Y itself caught my eye and I thought, maybe this Y has shown up on a dress or bag. 


And indeed it has!  Obviously the one with the metal studs is my fave out of these 4:

Ysl bags
images from splendidcity.com, pursepage.com, purseblog.com, mymanybags.com

YSL Beauty doesn't normally come out with such literal interpretations of the company's fashion, so this was a nice little surprise.  Plus the website's statement that the stitching gives the "allure of a true handbag accessory" reminds me a bit of Chanel's tactic of putting their interlocking C's on their makeup - if you can't afford a bag with the Chanel logo, you can at least have a lipstick palette with it! 

Fall trend roundup

I would be remiss in my curatorial duties if I did not cover the major fall 2009 trends.  Even though I'm a bit tardy and the holiday collections are landing at counters, here is my fall trend roundup.  As opposed to last year where the standout was super-dark lip color, this year I feel there were 2 major trends that demanded attention instead of just one.  Enjoy!

(Note: I am in the midst of planning my nuptials and collages depicting the color scheme and/or style of a wedding, called "inspiration boards" in the wedding blogosphere, have been my obsession as of late.  That explains the wacky collage I came up with for each trend.)

1.  Black, black and more black.  This fall, black is the new...well, you know.  This shade is meant to be worn on eyes (more so than lips, which was the case last year) and is even the inspiration for an entire MAC collection.  While dark smoky eyes are always the rage in the autumn months, this year the look is especially heavy with more of an edgy, early-80s punk aesthetic rather than uptown glamorous.  Adding to this style is the new matte finish for dark nail polish.  Chanel Black Satin?  It might have been considered a little rebellious  in 2006, but today the truly edgy way to wear black nail polish (or any dark vampy shade) is with a shine-free finish.

Fall trends
Images:  Stila Little Black Dress smudge pot, MAC lipstick in Black Knight, Chanel Les Folies Noirs eye shadow palette, Sephora catalog promo, Armani Manta Ray eye shadow, MAC Mattene lipstick in Midnight Media, MAC Style Black collection ad, Chanel Noirs Obscurs ad, Zoya Dovima nail polish, Philosophy Black Licorice shower gel

2.  Garden of earthly delights.  Gold, bronze and green eye shadows are always hot for fall, but 2009 ushered in a new era of super-pigmented, bolder-than-bold earth tones. 

Fall trends2

Images:  YSL promo ad, Shu Primitribe eye color sticks, Nars Mekong eye shadow, Bobbi Brown gel eye liner in Forest Shimmer, Smashbox Reign palette, Bobbi Brown Autumn Leaf eye shadow, YSL Bronze Gold eye shadow palette, Lancôme Rose Liberté powder, Estee Lauder Sensuous Gold palette

Which trend was your favorite?  Personally I'm torn.  The punk in me loves the matte black eye shadow and nails combo, but greens and gold are really flattering on my eyes, so both are winners for me!

More Stila Barbie items

I was somewhat surprised to see Stila coming out with yet more Barbie items about a month ago.   Earlier in the year the company had released 4 paint cans and several palettes, not to mention the Stila Japan Barbie collection.  So why are there 3 more smudgepots, lip gloss and another palette?  Maybe they thought it would be overkill to release it all at once, but quite frankly, even 6 months after the original Barbie items appeared it still seems a bit much.

Stila barbie sps
Stila_barbie lg

Stila_barbie palette

I had my fill of Stila's Barbie collection so I will not be buying these newer items.  The colors do look lovely though!

Leaving us breathless: Paul & Joe fall 2009 collection

Paul & Joe shook up their fall collection by releasing oval-shaped eye shadow duos, as opposed to their usual round shadow singles.  Called "Breathless", the lineup featured 3 duos and 3 lipsticks.  While the outer patterns and colors don't exactly scream fall to me (bright pink and purple, really?) the shadows themselves were good autumn choices. 

"So breathtakingly beautiful it will leave you speechless.  Skin that's deliciously smooth and firm.  Mesmerizing, seductive color...Paul & Joe presents an enticing, bold collection creating a new feminine cool that's sure to leave you breathless."  Eh.  I sort of feel like they haven't been putting as much effort into the theme copy as in past seasons, but really, it's all about the packaging, right?!


Here they are individually.

061 - Verité


062 - The Wild One


063 - Breathless


One of the things I love doing with each Paul & Joe collection is seeing whether any of the designs used on the packaging made an appearance on the runway.  Indeed, the cat on the Wild One duo was borrowed from a tunic:

Paul joe cat fall 09
(photo from nymag.com)

Now that I've finally covered their fall collection, I'm gearing up for their holiday offerings.  ;)