Fall trend roundup
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Couture Monday: Y is for Yves

I wasn't so impressed when I saw this fall palette from YSL.  An initial made into bronzer/highlighter seemed pretty boring.  But then the "stitching" on the Y itself caught my eye and I thought, maybe this Y has shown up on a dress or bag. 


And indeed it has!  Obviously the one with the metal studs is my fave out of these 4:

Ysl bags
images from splendidcity.com, pursepage.com, purseblog.com, mymanybags.com

YSL Beauty doesn't normally come out with such literal interpretations of the company's fashion, so this was a nice little surprise.  Plus the website's statement that the stitching gives the "allure of a true handbag accessory" reminds me a bit of Chanel's tactic of putting their interlocking C's on their makeup - if you can't afford a bag with the Chanel logo, you can at least have a lipstick palette with it! 
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