Autumn roses from Chantecaille
MAC's namesake collection

Quick update

The Curator has been very lazy and neglectful of the Museum this past month!  Between wedding planning taking up my time and delicious fall clothes taking a big chunk out of the Museum's paltry budget, I just haven't been able to put in the effort I would like into the Museum.  I'm hoping to get back on track and making it better than before. 

A few things readers/MM fans (hello, anyone out there?) should know:

1. I will not be doing a fall exhibition this year.  Fall is almost over by now, so I'll be focusing my energy on putting together a good holiday exhibition.

2.  I'm trying to get the blog to forward to my domain ( that I've had for several years but never did anything with since I am no good with HTML.   I'm very confused about how it all works, but the general idea is to get the replaced by  We'll see if I can figure it out!

3. Posting may be sporadic since I think my time would be better spent getting the manuscript together for the makeup coffee table book.  While posting may be more infrequent, I'll still be working away.

Thanks to anyone who's reading...don't give up on us!

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