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Friday Fun: Lancôme's Declaring Indigo bearbrick

MAC's namesake collection

This MAC collection is right up the Curator's alley!  The company collaborated with three artists - Richard Phillips, Marilyn Minter and Maira Kalman - to create products inspired by their art.   Here are the images each came up with for their collections.



Mac mk
(photos from maccosmetics.com)

I like that there was actual substance behind this collection.  All three artists were interviewed by MAC to find out what their inspiration was and how they came up with the colors they did.  Of course, I'm sure they were tweaked by the company to make sure they sold well, but it's nice to know that artists seemed to think carefully about how they wanted to express their work through cosmetics.   I also liked that the names for the products (like In the Gallery, Private Viewing and On Display) fit too.  Now if only they had come up with some nifty packaging with an image from the artist! 

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