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October 2009

The palette that started it all

The other day I was noticing how worn down my Stila Wheat eye shadow is and reminiscing about when I bought it.  Then it dawned on me that it was the 10-year anniversary of my very Stila first eye shadow and Stila girl package!  In October of 1999 I was a poor college student and my mother generously offered me to take me to the mall to buy me a treat.  As I was perusing the makeup counters in Nordstrom (remember when Stila was still sold at Nordstrom?) this lovely little palette caught my eye:

Stila original

I remember thinking that I had never seen a palette so adorable in my entire life!  There she was, a brunette (like me!) putting on her makeup at her vanity.  The palette is sold empty so I got 4 eye shadows to fill it:  Wheat (still a staple for me to this day - its beigy-gold goodness goes with everything) Golightly (which, back then was known as Holly Golightly before copyright issues got in the way of Stila's eye shadow names)  Chinois, which I was told to use as an eye shadow base (remember, this is 1999, long before real eye shadow primers had become mainstream essentials) and Espresso (Stila had yet to come out with real eye liners, so I was told to line my eyes with this deep brown shade using a thin, damp eye shadow brush.)  As I started using and loving these shadows, I remember thinking that although the quality was superb, the best part about them was the palette they were housed in.  And thus the obsession with the Stila girls started.  No end in sight, of course.  ;)  I often wonder if I ever would have taken an interest in makeup packaging had it not been for the Stila girls.  

So, happy birthday to my very first Stila palette! (Looking at the picture more closely, you can really tell how well-worn and therefore, well-loved, it truly is.)

Friday Fun: Lancôme's Declaring Indigo bearbrick

I am beside myself that I was not able to get my paws on this!  (Pun fully intended.)  Last year Shu came out with Qee figures as a GWP with their cleansing oils.  This year Lancôme continued the toy trend by issuing a VERY limited edition bearbrick available only at select Lancôme boutiques in conjunction with their fall 2009 Declaring Indigo collection.  The worst part is that it was never even available for purchase; it was a gift only for the first 20 people who bought something at the boutiques!  As of this post it is available on e-bay for a mere $350, which is a wee bit out of the Museum's budget.  Phooey.


(image from thelancomeblog.com)

This would truly be a stunning piece for the Museum.  Anyone want to contribute funds?  ;)

MAC's namesake collection

This MAC collection is right up the Curator's alley!  The company collaborated with three artists - Richard Phillips, Marilyn Minter and Maira Kalman - to create products inspired by their art.   Here are the images each came up with for their collections.



Mac mk
(photos from maccosmetics.com)

I like that there was actual substance behind this collection.  All three artists were interviewed by MAC to find out what their inspiration was and how they came up with the colors they did.  Of course, I'm sure they were tweaked by the company to make sure they sold well, but it's nice to know that artists seemed to think carefully about how they wanted to express their work through cosmetics.   I also liked that the names for the products (like In the Gallery, Private Viewing and On Display) fit too.  Now if only they had come up with some nifty packaging with an image from the artist! 

Quick update

The Curator has been very lazy and neglectful of the Museum this past month!  Between wedding planning taking up my time and delicious fall clothes taking a big chunk out of the Museum's paltry budget, I just haven't been able to put in the effort I would like into the Museum.  I'm hoping to get back on track and making it better than before. 

A few things readers/MM fans (hello, anyone out there?) should know:

1. I will not be doing a fall exhibition this year.  Fall is almost over by now, so I'll be focusing my energy on putting together a good holiday exhibition.

2.  I'm trying to get the blog to forward to my domain (www.makeupmuseum.org) that I've had for several years but never did anything with since I am no good with HTML.   I'm very confused about how it all works, but the general idea is to get the makeupmuseum.typepad.com replaced by makeupmuseum.org.  We'll see if I can figure it out!

3. Posting may be sporadic since I think my time would be better spent getting the manuscript together for the makeup coffee table book.  While posting may be more infrequent, I'll still be working away.

Thanks to anyone who's reading...don't give up on us!