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Friday Fun: Lancôme's Declaring Indigo bearbrick

I am beside myself that I was not able to get my paws on this!  (Pun fully intended.)  Last year Shu came out with Qee figures as a GWP with their cleansing oils.  This year Lancôme continued the toy trend by issuing a VERY limited edition bearbrick available only at select Lancôme boutiques in conjunction with their fall 2009 Declaring Indigo collection.  The worst part is that it was never even available for purchase; it was a gift only for the first 20 people who bought something at the boutiques!  As of this post it is available on e-bay for a mere $350, which is a wee bit out of the Museum's budget.  Phooey.


(image from

This would truly be a stunning piece for the Museum.  Anyone want to contribute funds?  ;)

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